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Bees are our friends!

No one enjoys getting a bee sting, but still the bees do us a great service by just doing what bees naturally do. They go from flower to flower and from bush to bush gathering pollen and nectar for their food storage. Just so happens they store more food than they can use, and it just so happens we love the taste of their food, honey. Now by going from flower to flower bush to bush millions of times, they fertilize the plants to set fruit. Many plants have other natural ways to pollinate their fruits, flowers and seeds. But bees speed up the process and make more abundant plants flowers and fruits and yes vegetables as well. They are great for our gardens and well as our trees and other plants.

Some crops would disappear without Honey bees.

The Almond crop in California is big business and every year millions of honey bees are trucked to the orchards to pollinate the beautiful pink blossoms. Without the bees there would be no high yield almond crop. Cucumbers, melons and many other large scale commercial crops don’t work unless the honey bee is present and doing her job in large numbers. They are actually trucked in at the right time every year to pollinate these crops. So next time you are thinking about squishing a bee with your boot remember they help feed you and make our way of life possible.

Doing our part to keep the honey bee around.

Think about our environment before you buy another can of bug spray, don’t just blast away in your yard to get rid of every pest out there. These chemical poisons don’t just kill the pests, they also kill bees and how could it possibly be good for our pets and birds. I mean really the bugs fall out of the sky dead, but do we really think there is no affect on us or our pets? Some sprays claim to keep bugs away for the whole season, months at a time. So if that spray is so horrible that a nasty bug will avoid my house for months, how it is possible it has no ill affects on me or my pets who live in it for those same months. Well my opinion is that it does us harm, it does harm the birds and our pets. Maybe it takes some time to slowly kill, so slow that we don’t connect it to spraying the chemicals. I am certain it is not good for me and I choose to keep chemicals away from my garden and my bees and my home. Don’t get me wrong I am not an extremist I just say it is better to think about buying another pound of poison to blast into our air food and water supply.

beesKingman AZ live bee removal

I am servicing the greater kingman area, Golden Valley, the area around Petro and even into Wikiup. So if your have bees in a wall or a shed and would like them removed without killing them I am your man. I use a bee vacuum which helps keep the angry bees to a minimum number flying around being angry. Once they are in the vacuum they are out of the game and ready to go to their new home. Email me so I can set up an appointment to remove your un wanted bees.

Killer bees in Kingman AZ

Bees in Arizona can be very aggressive, but most of the time they just want to be left alone. The normal worst case scenario is a sting or two to keep people away from their hive. But if you happen to get an aggressive colony, you could be stung hundreds or even a thousand times. So it is best to give them their space and have a professional remove them.

We should not go around just killing off the bees

This is not the same as having a pest control company kill them! We need bees to survive as a race all of our modern farming is dependent on bees. The almond crop in California would be impossible without the honey bee to pollinate the billions of blossoms. Melons, cucumbers and sun flowers all depend on bees to produce a productive and bountiful crop. They are great for our gardens and the honey they produce is the original sweetener and still the only one that is truly good for your body.

Kingman Arizona Honey for sale all natural

Honey is known for its healing properties both on the outside of the body and the inside. Honey is made by the bees from the nectar and pollen of the local plants and bushes, so when you ingest the honey you are getting the pollen and nectar that helps your body fight off allergies. So for allergy sufferers try eating local pure honey from your own area and see if your symptoms are relived, or even better perhaps they will be cured!

Pure Raw natural Honey is the good stuff

Studies show that up to 75% of all the “honey” on supermarket shelves is not qualified to be called honey. They heat pasteurize the stuff, they add sugar and water, they cook it, they over filter it, additives. The honey we sell is raw, un  cooked, 100% natural. We do filter it but just enough to get the pieces of wax and honey comb out of the jar of honey. It is as the bees had intended it for their food, with all the healing qualities still inside.  As honey is from the bees it will last as far as we know forever, no need for refrigeration, just keep sealed and eat it when you need it. It does crystallize sometimes, this is completely natural and if you want it un crystallized just put your jar in hot water from the faucet until it is liquid again. Do not boil the water this is too hot and will break the honey down and start losing good qualities.